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Make tasty and innovative recipes with our tasty food products in Bangor

Take a look at a recipe from one of our innovative customers:


Work colleague has relatives in Bangor and he brought a tub of the curry sauce back for me. (I had tried a sample of his homemade curry previously).


I made some the other night and it is the business!! Authentic curry sauce. Absolutely delicious.

For those that might be interested this is what I did:


Fried-off diced chicken with an onion and put to one side. Into a wok went chopped mushrooms, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, sliced carrot, chopped baby corn and some peas with some boiling water.


Simmered for about 5 minutes and then added a tub of curry paste, stirring all the time. I kept adding boiling the water till I got the right consistency and then added the chicken and onion. As I like quite hot curry, I added some chilli flakes too and served with noodles.


It was so good. It makes plenty so I froze what I didn't use.


- Kendal, Cumbria

Quick recipes with our authentic Chinese curry paste and gravy

You can make tasty meals at home with genuine Chinese curry pastes and gravy from WD Foods in Bangor. Our curry paste is so popular in the Belfast area that it is referred to as 'The Belfast Curry'.


Our products go well with all food ingredients and homemade food recipes. Mix our curries and pastes with meat, rice or vegetables and get authentic oriental dishes in the comfort of your own home.


If you have used our products to make tasty and innovative recipes, please send your ideas to us and we will be happy to share them. You can also call us for great tips on how to use our food products.

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